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    • Show Your Teamster Pride - March With Us On Labor Day

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      Michigan Teamsters J.C. #43 Congratulates Local 243 On Winning Voluntary Recognition For Michigan AFL-CIO Workers

      On behalf of the entire Executive Board of Michigan Teamsters Joint Council #43, President Kevin Moore congratulates Teamsters Local 243 on winning their historic organizing victory at the Michigan AFL-CIO in Lansing.

      "Teamsters are leading the way in organizing new members and expanding the rights and benefits of labor Unions to more and more non-union workers," Moore said.  "Local 243's crucial victory will give these AFL-CIO workers the strong representation they want to protect their rights, respect and dignity on the job.  We proudly welcome these members into the Teamsters and recognize that Local 243 will do a terrific job of providing these workers with the quality Union representation they demand and deserve."

      For more information on this organizing victory, click here.

      Ascend Cannabis Workers in Grand Rapids, Michigan Vote “Yes” To Join Local 406

      Teamsters Local 406 proudly congratulates Budtenders and Delivery Drivers at Ascend Cannabis in Grand Rapids who recently voted to build a better and stronger future with the Teamsters Union.

      This is Ascend's second facility in Michigan to organize with the Teamsters Union.  

      These 25 workers at Ascend’s Scribner location stated that improving working conditions and gaining a stronger voice in the workplace were two of their major priorities.

      Michigan Teamsters Joint Council #43 and Local 406 teamed up and used the LPA to work with the Company on gaining voluntary recognition for these dedicated employees.

      Teamsters #243 Celebrates Organizing Success At Chipotle Mexican Grille

      Historic Victory Showcases the Power of Teamwork Between Local Unions and Joint Council #43

      Workers at a Chipotle Mexican Grill in Lansing, Michigan, voted overwhelmingly on August 25th to join International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 243, making it the first of the restaurant chain’s 3,000 locations to organize.

      In addition to the security of a powerful Teamster contract, workers are forming a union to improve their work schedules, increase wages, and gain the respect from management that they’ve rightfully earned.

      "The Teamsters Union is home to 1.2 million workers, and all of us are fighting for our brothers and sisters at Chipotle to get the rights and workplace protections they deserve,” IBT General President Sean M. O’Brien declared. “Now is the time for working people in this country to take back what’s theirs. No matter your industry, no matter your age or how intimidating your employer may seem, you too can protect your labor with a union. The revitalization of labor is really just beginning.”

      “Chipotle pulled in revenue of $7.5 billion last year, and just as we’re seeing workers of all ages and backgrounds across the country take on these corporate giants, it’s so inspiring to see Chipotle workers stand up and demand more from a company that can clearly afford it,” said Scott Quenneville, President of Local 243. “The Teamsters have these workers’ backs. They’re going to have a union they can be proud of and that knows how to get things done.” 

      President Quenneville thanked Teamsters Joint Council #43 President Greg Nowak and JC #43 Organizing Director TJ Kitchen, for their support and assistance in helping bring the strength and benefits of the Union to this newly-organized group of Chipotle Teamsters.

      “Teamwork is the crucial factor when it comes to fighting, and winning, improved wages, benefits and working conditions,” Quenneville said.  “Joint Council #43 Organizing Director TJ Kitchen was a valuable addition to Local 243’s Chipotle team.  Thanks to TJ’s hard work, Local 243 organized the first of Chipotle’s 3,000 restaurants and the campaign has only just begun.  Our new Chipotle members called the Teamsters seeking help to better their jobs, and  a Local 243 is committed to working with these new Teamsters to provide the workplace leadership and strength they deserve.”

      Michigan Teamsters Joint Council #43 Passes Resolution Encouraging Passage of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act

      Click below for larger view of resolution

      Michigan Teamsters Honor U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow For Her Vision and Leadership In Saving Teamster Pensions

      “It was an uphill battle, no doubt. If we hadn’t stayed united, we wouldn’t have got this.  This happened because of you, your families and your hard work.”

      — Michigan Teamsters Joint Council #43 President Greg Nowak

      All Democrats Support the Teamsters Union’s Important 20-Year Battle To Save Pensions; All Republicans Vote NO To Protect Pensions


    • Information  On Filing for Unemployment Benefits Resulting From COVID-19

      If you are one of the tens of thousands of Michigan workers out of work because of the Coronavirus, make sure you apply for Unemployment Benefits.

      Click to apply for Michigan Unemployment Benefits.

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